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GL Global Market (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is the flagship company of Gold Label Limited. One of the major shareholders of GL Global Market (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd is Gold Label Limited,who is also a member of The Chinese Gold&Silver Exchange Society(CGSES),Member NO.10.


As a registered dealer,Gold Label Limited the business with highest standard of professional ethics.Moreover,all our practices are under the monitoring of The CGSES’s regulatory policy and will follow the strict requirement of finical reporting system required by CGSES.


Flexible Mainstream Market Trading Platform Meta Trader 4(MT4)

GL Global Market (Myanmar) Co., Ltd  uses Meta Trader 4,an advanced and stable online trading and mobile trading platform,to enhance transaction transparency and to enable investors to have a timely grasp of market dynamics,in order to make the right investment decisions.

Sophisticated Trading Platform Tools

Market leading MT4 trading platform is a system renowned in the international investment market.Combination of three main functions:Price charts,Technical analysis and Order.Taking advantage of its powerful features are able to handle accounts effortlessly.Traders are able to enjoy the transaction and services including.Precious metals trading,EA(Expert Ad visor)and streaming quotes.

Marketing and Research Department

GL Global Market (Myanmar) Co., Ltd  has a professional marketing and research team,providing comprehensive , objective and rational analysis,guiding investors as the perfect escort in the financial markets.

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